Cold Weather Running

The cold weather is coming… dress accordingly… no one wants to be sick during the holidays!

The World of Crossfit

Many women swear by Crossfit.  I do not necessarily blame them; the workouts are no-joke.  They’re definitely good elements of Crossfit and it has its place in your own training.  Just understand what many other professionals that dont live by the Crossfit Word have to say about.

STACK For Women

A website devoted to Women’s Athletics, Health and Nutrition… some real good stuff.

Myths of Women's Weightlifting

Love this article… especially Myth #1!

Workout Music

Women love to do long cardio… which can be both good and bad.  If you do lots of long cardio, maybe look into doing some Interval Training instead during the week (which we have discussed in earlier posts).

When you decide to do long cardio, pump up the intensity with your Workout Music.  Research shows that certain music increases not only motivation to work hard during the cardio, but also heart rate and respiration… which leads to more calories burned, one of the many components to losing weight.

"Mud Races", "Warrior Dashes", "Spartan Runs" or whatever else they are called in your area are a blast.  They are popping up all over.  Find one, train for it, and go have an absolute blast!

We constantly give you exercises to help you shape the bottom half, well here are a few exercises from Top Fitness Model Jessica Nicole Lee that you can do at home very easily with nothing but dumbbells.  More importantly though she talks about different rep schemes you can use based on different goals.

Tired of working out yourself?  Had enough of trying to create your own workouts?  Don’t think your pushing yourself enough?  Find an actual Women’s Boot Camp.  Most all gyms run some sort of Women’s Boot Camp these days.  Try different ones out and figure out which one works for you.  Here is a demo video for one in Dallas, TX.  This has a lot of different things that these boot camps typically do and might give you a greater sense of what they entail.

TRX Bands are all the rage these days, and with good reason.  They are convenient and fairly inexpensive.  The exercises you can do with them is only limited by the imagination.  They are great for full body, change of pace from using weights workouts.  Here is a great video with tons of different ideas for you to use at home.

It is also easy to make your own “TRX Band.”  Simply think of taking big hard-plastic rings (you can find them at craft stores).  Tie rope to them and hook the rope up to whatever you would of hung the TRX bands from.  Basically Gymnastic Rings that you see those super-strong dudes doing the Iron Crosses on.

When the Weather is Fine and You Got Fitness on the Mind...

A recent article by for the Woman’s Online Magazine LivingBetterAt50+ (

Pilates workouts are different than your traditional workout.  Before you head to a Pilates Studio, understand what the workouts look like and what you are doing.  Then take yourself in and get ready to feel Core Work at its Best.

The weather has finally broke.  Summer is here!  Many women will be taking their running outside, excellent idea!  Studies show that exercising outside leads to greater mental relaxation, longer durations of exercise, and higher intensity of workouts.  Here is an introduction video to Chi Running.  There are many technique videos you can find on YouTube.  Also check out the website:

Being a woman/mom on the go can mean that many times you do not have time to get to the gym.  It is therefore important to have easy (yet physically challenging) routines that you can get done in as little as 20 minutes.  Looking at previous posts you will see a few routines that allow you to get a quick workout in the confines of your living room. 

However, summer is coming and you might want to get outside.  Here is a good routine that you could do in a back or side yard.  It gets you outside, gets you moving rather than being in one place, and you could get done in as little as 20 minutes.

Here is a at home workout series designed for all the woman’s target areas.  It is key to have routines like this at your disposal and in the back of your mind for those days when you only have 30 minutes tops at your own home.  Having these “go-to” routines in the back of your mind allows you to get a workout in that constricted time frame that is planned and coordinated to hit the target areas that you want.

Fit Yummy Mummy

A website/blog/health program/newsletter service dedicated to helping you as a on the go Woman/Mother get back to being a “Fit Yummy Mummy.”  Newsletter has recipes, information, tips, motivation, workout videos, blog posts, etc. just for you as a busy Woman.  Good stuff for you on-the-go ladies; please do not forget where you heard about it though and continue to stop by regularly!  More places you can go for quality information the better right!